about the innkeepers - heidi and gary

heidi and gary at atlantean inn

We are very appreciative of your interest in Atlantean. It is a truly magnificent house, and, we believe, a wonderful Bed and Breakfast. We are absolutely thrilled to be its stewards, and delighted with the privilege of being your hosts. Ensuring that your visit to Bar Harbor and Acadia is as comfortable, fun, and rewarding as it can possibly be, is our objective.


If you are coming to Bar Harbor for your vacation, then you surely understand what motivated us to move here to live. Always our most favorite place, nowhere else is there such a lively, pleasant village in the middle of such grandeur as is Mount Desert Island. We are strongly motivated to keep the island the natural recreational haven that it has always been, and are committed to environmentally-friendly practices at Atlantean.


Finding Atlantean, in 2004 completed the dream for us. Now, we look forward to welcoming you to our home. Owning and operating a Bed and Breakfast is a wonderful life. We feel so fortunate to have the ability to meet people from all walks of life. We enjoy learning of your travels and experiences and hearing about your homes, all over the globe.


And surprisingly to us, some even find our own story to be interesting as well! That makes little sense to us, but here it is, in brief:


Heidi is a western Massachusetts native. Having moved about a bit during her youth, her other family members have all settled into southern New Hampshire and Maine. Gary, on the other hand is a born Mainiac (the preferred term) from Bangor, where his parents still reside, though he spent many years in exile. He has sisters here in Maine and in western Massachusetts, and two adult daughters, presently in New York. We met while both working in that government/industry engineering universe outside Boston, and lived in the very suburban hamlet of Groton. After years of daydreaming about better lifestyles, we decided in early 2004 to take steps to stop the dreaming and start the living.


phantom cat

No place other than Bar Harbor was ever a consideration, and after visiting Atlantean, no other house would do, either. So we left our engineering careers in Massachusetts and brought Petey the phantom cat to this heavenly place. Petey was a little slow to warm to the idea, but now happily rules over our private quarters. He will never be found in the public areas or guest rooms.

We hope our love of this fabulous place infects you, and that you, too, find the draw irresistible, and become frequent guests here in our house.